Why Do You Play Basketball?

by Dannie Evans

Why do you play basketball?

Is it…

  • Fun
  • Competition
  • Popularity
  • Camaraderie
  • Scholarship
  • Money
  • Love
  • Something else?

Whatever the reason that you choose to play basketball, this blog was created for YOU.

You train in proportion to your aspirations.  That’s why it’s important to know why you play and what your goals are because they will be your motivation to practice and train hard.

No matter why you play or what outcome you desire there are two groups of characteristics needed to achieve your basketball goals.

Group 1: Ability to Perform at a High Level

  • Technical skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding etc.) that translate to in-game performance
  • Purposeful application of technical skills (otherwise known as tactical skills)
  • Basketball IQ
  • Athletic ability
  • Stamina

Group 2: Intangibles Only You Can Supply

  • Consistent work ethic
  • Determination
  • Heart

Group one consists of all the trainable qualities that make you a complete basketball player. We will do everything we can to help you improve every aspect in that group. All we ask is that you bring the work ethic, determination and heart.

Comments and suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged.  The one thing this site will not be is an ongoing lecture.  Think of it more as an ongoing conversation among like-minded ball players.

Let’s get after it.

Real basketball training is an ongoing process that doesn’t happen overnight. Subscribe today and come along for the ride.

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