10 Steps to Become
a Better Basketball Player

by Dannie Evans

  1. Practice
  2. Practice the right way
  3. Practice more
  4. Practice even more
  5. Practice even more than that
  6. Practice when you don’t want to
  7. Practice when you do
  8. Practice hard
  9. Practice harder
  10. Keep practicing!

“Really?  Is that it?  You’ve got to be kidding me,” you might be thinking.

I am more than serious about this. I’ve lived this and have personally experienced what it can do to my game.

To be frank, I know good players are not saying that because they live this practice mentality.  People looking for the magic pill that takes them from end of the bench scrub to starter, leading scorer and all-star are surely disappointed.

Sorry, there are no shortcuts to greatness on the basketball court or in life.

In 1978 Michael Jordan was cut from the high school varsity team as a sophomore for a number of reasons (height and strength) but also because he wasn’t quite good enough – yet.  He used that minor setback to motivate himself to do four things…

  • Practice more often
  • Practice smarter
  • Practice more intensely
  • Compete at a level that was unmatched

That was the catalyst for his ascent to greatness and immortality as a basketball player.

“Every time I play, I feel like I’ve got something to prove.  Getting cut in high school has a lot to do with that.  I was really surprised and embarrassed when the coach cut me.  That’s when I started to take the game seriously.” ~ Michael Jordan

Do you take your game seriously?

Nothing is stopping you from being like Mike when it comes to doing what it takes to become a better player.  Except yourself.

Find what drives you, bottle it up, take a swig and keep practicing!

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