The Keys to Becoming
a Complete Basketball Player

What are the missing ingredients that prevent most passionate and talented basketball players from reaching their full potential?

Deliberate practice and progressive, effective basketball training.

Genetics and raw talent unquestionably play a major role in your performance. But they only set the ceiling and take you so far. Smart practice and effective training strategies determine whether or not you will reach your potential and become the elite player you want to be.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. More importantly working smart – and with intensity – positions you to succeed and sets you apart from other hard workers and lazy players with a lot of raw talent. will help you:

  • Train smarter
  • Improve your skills for real game performance
  • Develop your athleticism
  • Lift your basketball IQ
  • Maximize your god-given talent to reach your full potential!

All you need is high quality, reliable basketball training information and a clear plan that is performance-driven and created to achieve your personal goals.

What is Effective Basketball Training?

Real basketball training is not about pick-up ball, random drills, gimmicks or over-hyped vertical jump programs. It starts with honest evaluation of your game and physical ability, including identification of your strengths and weaknesses, and it continues with the creation of a personal plan to turn weaknesses into strengths and acquire more skills that translate to improved in-game performance.

In other words, effective basketball training is a step-by-step process to improve every aspect of your game.

Smart basketball training also doesn’t require you to spend every waking second in the gym or weight room. It’s about maximizing the training time you do have through focused, high-impact drills and workouts.

Now it’s time to learn how to train smarter so you don’t waste your time or hinder your development with pointless drills and exercises that do more harm than good. That’s what is all about.

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The Goal: Becoming a Complete Player

Why should you strive to become a well-rounded, complete player? Why not just try to be the best leaper and dunker or the best scorer?

Because complete players, those select few individuals who contribute to every aspect of the game and who possess a wide spectrum of skills and athletic ability, win championships. And at the end of the day, great players play for one thing, and that’s to win. Individual accolades are a mere bonus.

“How I want to be perceived is a guy who played all facets of the game, not just scoring. Obviously my records are going to be from an offensive standpoint, but I think people understand that I played defense. I helped make other players better, and I won championships.” ~ Michael Jordan

There’s so much ground to cover. But if you have the determination to succeed, the work ethic to push yourself, and the open mindedness to learn, you are in the right place.  If you want to be able to walk into any gym, play in any game and have everyone playing, coaching or watching pay you the greatest compliment a basketball player can receive by saying: “He can play!,” I urge you to sign up for free updates today and come along for the ride.