Basketball is a sport that demands technical on court skills, tactical and mental acuity and athletic ability.  The greatest athletes aren’t just born with these qualities, they [...] Continue Reading…


Image of Effective Basketball Training

You’re here because you want to get better as a basketball player. What holds you back is knowing how to do it.

How do you train to become a better basketball player?

While having stock workouts and countless drills will help (and we will be providing many on this site as we grow), that alone isn’t enough. [...] Continue Reading…


Image of basketball shooting 101Let’s quickly dispel this basketball shooting myth…

What is perfect shooting form?

That is a common question based on the widely held myth that perfect form actually exists.

It doesn’t.

There is no such thing as cookie-cutter perfect form for all players. What I mean is, every player doesn’t need to shoot identically or have what is perceived to be mechanically perfect form to be a good or great shooter.

Skill acquisition occurs through deliberate training, exploration and personal creativity. While deliberate training tends to get much of the focus, each component is critical to effective development.

For an example of this, picture these 10 great shooters in NBA history: [...] Continue Reading…


Image of basketball shooting 101What is the ultimate goal of shooting a basketball?

To get a round, 9.5″ diameter orange ball to go through a round, 18″ diameter rim. Simply put: to make the shot.

So what are the two most important elements for consistently making shots?

The simple, and surprising, answer is… [...] Continue Reading…

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image of Kobe slicing his defender's hip

Think it’s impossible to slice your defender in half?

It’s not. In fact, doing so is a fundamental principle for driving past a defender.

Of course you can’t actually cut your defender into pieces unless you’re on the court with a sword. That would be a little too Kill Bill. But good players do slice their defender up figuratively by using their body to attack the right angles. [...] Continue Reading…


Are You a Lazy Shooter?

by Dannie Evans

Yes or No:

  • Do you settle for contested or even mildly contested shots?
  • Do you feel yourself rushing your shot?
  • Do you often shoot off-balanced?
  • Do you fade away on shots for no apparent reason?
  • Do you get lax with your shot mechanics sometimes?
  • Do you regularly allow defensive pressure to dictate your shot?

A critical element of becoming a better player is honest evaluation of your game. Without it, you won’t know what to practice and how to train to increase your ability.

With that said, did you answer “yes” to any number of those questions? [...] Continue Reading…


  1. Practice
  2. Practice the right way (we will show you how if you don’t know)
  3. Practice more
  4. Practice even more
  5. Practice even more than that
  6. Practice when you don’t want to
  7. Practice when you do
  8. Practice hard
  9. Practice harder
  10. Keep practicing!

“Really? Is that it? You’ve got to be kidding me,” you might be thinking. [...] Continue Reading…


Why Do You Play Basketball?

by Dannie Evans

Why do you play basketball?

Is it…

Something else?

Whatever the reason that you choose to play basketball, this blog was created for YOU.

You train in proportion to your aspirations.  That’s why [...] Continue Reading…